Counseling with Purpose
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Counseling with Purpose

As I stated on my website, we are often told that God loves us.  The Bible tells us so.  But do we believe it? 

Could it be that if we did, it would transform how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to our mates and our children? That transformation is what I call “the goal of God’s love” (1 John 4:12). 

I am a pastor and a counselor.  I help individuals and couples learn Biblical principles that will strengthen their marriage and family relationships. 

I am also a husband, father, and grandfather.  Through my own personal struggles and years of reflection, I have sought to apply these principles to my own life. They have helped me and my wife weather some intense storms in my own marriage and family.

We have no idea what the storms of our lives will be: marital stresses; difficulties with parenting; health, vocational, or financial issues. But we can have the kind of relationship with God and our spouse to be able to withstand these storms. What we need is a solid foundation for our house.

See the blog post on this website on how these principles can help our marriage and family withstand “the storms of life.”

I am grateful to be able to help others through our counseling relationship in which we learn these Biblical principles, sound research, and life experience.

Through understanding the gospel, as well as Biblical principles for life, marriage and family, our relationships can be transformed. That is what I mean by “counseling with purpose.”

In my counseling practice, I meet with individual men or women to help them grow in their walk with God and work through their own personal issues that are hindering them.

If you are uncertain of where you are in your relationship with God, I would be delighted to help you get clarity around that.

If you are struggling with emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression or anger, counseling can be a helpful way to work through these issues.

If your marriage needs some improvement or is in crisis, I have had 30 years of counseling experience and 40 years of being married to draw from in helping marriages.

I have a special interest in helping the men to become better husbands and fathers. Many of the blogs I have on this website will be designed to be helpful to men (and the women who love them!)

What do you need to do as a next step to strengthen yourself personally, as well as your marriage and family?

If you would like to learn more about the counseling experience that I provide, send me an email in the contact section at the bottom of this website.


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